About Us

Our primary mission is taking care of…

  • Solution & Design.
  • Quality & Efficiency.
  • Definitely,.. Client’s satisfaction

    Our aim is to...

  • Provide high-quality solutions exceed client expectation.
  • Develop long-term relationships that promote mutual growth and prosperity.

    Our Philosophy

    For over Last Four Years, Our Technical Certified Team had been providing customers with win-win solutions, where first and foremost, customer needs comes first.

    This mentality is the guiding force behind everything we do. As a result, we have established a solid customer base, which has come to rely on us for our experience and expertise.

    Cleopatra-Tech is fully committed to create “one-stop” solutions with minimal downtime. Through our comprehensive services and solutions, we provide complete care for all our customers’ IT needs.
    While we focus on their information technology, our customers are free to focus on their primary business—it’s a relationship that guarantees success.

    At Cleopatra Tech, we’re continually striving to achieve the greatest returns in customer productivity and satisfaction.

  • Our Team

    Our experienced and technical staff has been trained & certified from major international IT multinational institutions.

    To introduce a totally new quality of service to our customers; Cleopatra-Tech assembled a highly qualified specialized team, highly skilled professionals to build, manage, maintain and deliver professional services.

    Our staff is based in Qatar and is wholly committed to deliver the highest caliber of service and support as well  as  transferring  knowledge  and  skill  to  a  new  generation  of  IT Professionals in the region.

    Cleopatra-Tech’ technical team is the core of our service department. All our team members are fully qualified, with   extensive hands-on experience, coupled with the appropriate certifications in their field of expertise.

    Work Flow

    Case study & Design

    The key of success for any project lay underneath of the well combination of case study & well design of project to generate an exact match with real.


    Controlled by following the Qatari standards and the international ones as well, i.e. EIA/TIA, IEEE & others. Which applies for all cabling infrastructure systems in (offices, buildings, campus, labs, and hotels).

    Testing & Certification

    Professional testing is very important stage, thus using certified tools & equipments is the key benefit & proof of good design & implementation. Also it’s required for documentation & warranty certificate.


    All passive cabling projects which passed though the above steps will be granted 20-Year Warranty.

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